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Nimrah Khan

Technical Training Instructor

Nimrah has been a passionate and dedicated instructor for the past five years, helping trainees understand the exciting world of programming and technology. With a strong computer science and engineering background, she has a unique ability to make complex concepts simple and accessible for all students. 

Her expertise in developing technical curricula for freshers has earned her recognition within the education community; she published a research paper in a leading journal on using ICT in sustainable development, which showcases her commitment to using technology for the betterment of society and her drive to inspire the next generation of tech leaders. 

In addition to her technical skills, Nimrah is also a skilled communicator, using online conferencing tools to bring her lessons to life. Her engaging personality and genuine love for teaching have made her a hit with trainees of all ages, who appreciate her supportive and encouraging approach. 

Nimrah is thrilled to help her trainees unlock their full potential and witness them succeed. She is always ready to encourage and guide beginners and passionate programming enthusiasts on their learning journey.


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