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Georgios Lymperis

Technical Training Instructor​

Georgios holds a BEng in Physics and an MSc in Theoretical Physics. Currently, he is completing an MSc in Data Science at the Department of Mathematics, University of Patras, Greece. Over the past 5+ years, George has worked as an instructor, and for the last 2+ years, he has been tutoring UG and MSc students. His areas of expertise include Scientific Computing, Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Business Analytics, and Python Programming.

Georgios’s goal is to make any subject accessible to his students and build their confidence and skills. By breaking down complex topics into understandable concepts, he creates an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Georgios focuses on interactive teaching methods that encourage questions and foster a growth mindset. His commitment extends beyond the classroom, offering continuous support and follow-ups to ensure students not only understand the material, but also gain the confidence to apply their knowledge effectively in real-world scenarios.


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