The Interview and Development Model


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Course Description

This webinar is designed to familiarize you with the Suitability Model used in businesses to acquire and assess talent. As a complement to our Confidence in Interviews course, the Interview and Development Model webinar will not only help you prepare for job interviews but also identify potential development gaps for your current or future positions. By understanding the four categories of the model, you’ll be able to confidently navigate interviews and accelerate your career growth.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain insights into the Suitability Model, a widely-used approach for talent acquisition and assessment
  • Learn the four categories of the model to enhance your interview preparedness and performance
  • Identify potential development gaps in your skill set for your current or future roles
  • Understand how to address development gaps to boost your career prospects and growth
  • Build a solid foundation for interview success by aligning your skills and experiences with the model
  • Enhance your personal and professional development by targeting areas for improvement

By mastering the Interview and Development Model, you’ll be better prepared for job interviews and equipped to identify and address development gaps to advance your career.

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