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The newly announced MD-102 exam from Microsoft is set to replace both MD-100 and MD-101 exams, but it does not mean that it covers everything that they cover. Instead, MD-102 cherry-picks objectives from the other two exams, with a focus on MD-101 objectives but still includes some MD-100 objectives and new items reflective of changes in Intune.

The MD-102 exam streamlines the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit domain objective and includes some reworded objectives for clarity.

There are some new additions, such as:

Remote Help.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for Intune.

Conditional Access policies with compliance status.

The exam’s main focus is on deploying Windows clients, including selecting deployment tools, new computer deployment, and implementing subscription-based activation.

The MD-102 exam does not include many Azure AD-related items from MD-101, which are now considered assumed knowledge. The exam is cloud-focused, which creates a gap for someone looking for an exam that focuses on core Windows functionality and troubleshooting.

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