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Object-Oriented Programming

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Lefteris NtaflosByLefteris Ntaflos

Object-Oriented Programming

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Course Description

This course provides a deep immersion into the world of Object-Oriented Programming. It begins with a foundational understanding of syntax, constructors, data types, and the use of Eclipse. The course then progresses into advanced topics like abstract classes, interfaces, memory handling, and the four pillars of OOP.

Participants will be engaged in active learning through various exercises and project assignments, including a focus on design patterns, collections, generics, clean code, and SOLID principles. Test-driven development (TDD) forms a significant part of the curriculum, with modules on Junit, JSON, Jackson, and Mockito.

The course also covers important programming practices like source control, UML, Maven, File IO, and logging. Advanced Java concepts like lambdas, streams API, and threads are also explored. Participants will work on multiple projects, including a user registration system and a currency converter, and partake in mock exams to prepare for the final assessment. The course concludes with a discussion of N-Tier Architecture and project presentations.

By completing this Object-Oriented Programming course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply core OOP concepts, including syntax, constructors, and data types
  • Work effectively with Eclipse and other development tools
  • Design and implement abstract classes, interfaces, and memory-handling strategies
  • Understand and apply the four pillars of OOP and related fundamentals
  • Use collections and generics, and understand the principles of clean code and SOLID design
  • Implement Test-Driven Development using tools such as Junit, JSON, Jackson, and Mockito
  • Effectively handle file IO operations and exceptions in Java
  • Use advanced Java features like lambdas, streams, APIs, and threads
  • Apply design patterns and understand the concept of N-Tier Architecture
  • Use source control strategies, UML, Maven, and logging in development
  • Develop, test, and present real-life projects, strengthening problem-solving skills and practical application of concepts

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Lefteris has a total of 20+ years in software programming and IT. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and has published several articles in major conferences and journals. He has been a technical director, trainer, professional coach, and consultant in multinational and diverse corporations.

Having trained and successfully placed hundreds of consultants all over the APAC, he brings experience in software development lifecycle, methodologies, and testing, while he is passionate about the cloud and AI. His hard-working style and outgoing personality help him manage large teams effectively.

Lefteris greatly enjoys witnessing the growth and success of his trainees and fellows.

  • Duration60 Hours
  • Students482
  • Lessons20
  • Skill LevelExpert
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Certification ProvidedYes
  • Course Starting Date25 Dec, 2023
  • InstructorLefteris Ntaflos

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