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Gabriel JewelByGabriel Jewel

Mastering Job Interviews, OL and F2F

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Course Description

In this workshop, you’ll explore the essential skills and qualities required for successful job interviews, both as interviewees and interviewers. We’ll start with an introduction to the workshop topics, objectives, and ground rules. You’ll then delve into the factors that make an interview successful or unsuccessful, and learn the importance of preparation, communication, and feedback. The workshop will cover key traits and behaviors of effective interviewees and interviewers, as well as tips and strategies for enhancing your performance and confidence in job interviews. By analyzing sample job interview videos, you’ll gain insights into best practices and common mistakes. Finally, the workshop will conclude with a summary and participants’ feedback.

By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify crucial factors that contribute to successful or unsuccessful interviews
  • Recognize traits and behaviors of effective interviewees and interviewers
  • Understand the importance of preparation, communication, and feedback in the job interview process
  • Gain actionable tips and strategies to improve your performance and confidence in job interviews
  • Foster a culture of mutual respect and collaboration between interviewees and interviewers
  • Approach job interviews with greater clarity, self-awareness, and effectiveness
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Head of New Business - Career Coach

Gabriel brings over 15 years experience in senior management roles primarily within the international education sector. Gabriel was a key member of the launch of Japan’s first STEM / IT school, has managed numerous teams, and had key roles in the introduction of numerous IT and programming courses for a wide background of students. He has published several papers on these and other subjects including the use of CMC in the classroom.

Having recruited, trained and managed hundreds of teachers in his career, this is still one of the things he stills loves about this role – empowering people to be their best.

Gabriel takes great pride in every one of his clients and revels in seeing them reach their full potential.

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  • Duration2 Hours
  • Students312
  • Lessons1
  • Skill LevelAll Levels
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Certification ProvidedYes
  • Course Starting Date25 Dec, 2023
  • InstructorGabriel Jewel

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