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Career Coach


Job Type

Independent Contractor

About the Role

As a Career Coach at Grand Slam I.T. School, you have several years of experience, balanced skills, empathy, and sensitivity to guide young individuals and professionals to make their best career decisions. Ideally, you have many personal stories to share, and you can help others understand how the corporate world works and what a role involves. Your best skill is your empathy, care, and attention to detail; you are very thoughtful and responsible – you are always there for your trainees.



● Deliver career coaching group and individual sessions. 

● Set career targets for trainees. 

● Reveal trainees’ strengths, conduct aptitude tests, provide findings. 

● Define, discuss, and modify personal training plans. 

● Counsel and work with trainees to develop both their hard and soft skills. 

● Help trainees overcome problems that can hinder their career success. 

● Suggest career options. 

● Help with resume construction. 

● Be in charge of interview preparation and conduct mock interviews. 

● Measure overall trainee satisfaction and hear their suggestions. 

● Communicate with all stakeholders towards trainee development and well-being.  

● Suggest and oversee Performance Improvement Plans.


Great communication and people skills.

Passion for coaching.

Experience in designing course content.

Previous working experience in education or large corporations can be a plus.

Knowledge of market, roles, and responsibilities in one or more sectors.

Excellent knowledge of online meeting tools and practices (impeccable awareness of video and sound settings configuration).

Coaching certification is not required, but it can be a plus.

Our Story

Coming from both academic and industrial backgrounds, we have experienced the challenges of graduate students and working professionals when searching for their first role or trying to upskill their technical knowledge. One can find plenty of resources and materials, but the most essential is guidance and support, and this is one of our core values. We provide career advancement opportunities through our carefully designed courses, and we respect and appreciate all the differences among individuals which make them special in learning, and highlight them as persons. Since our establishment, our reputation has grown as our graduates are empowered into knowledgeable professionals in their fields. Grand Slam I.T. School continuously cultivates future industry leaders through engaging and hands-on educational modules.


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